Looks like Chad needs some love. and I am going to do just that! My curly hair was extremely long and unmanageable. I haven’t had it cut in almost two years because I haven’t been able to find the right stylist who knew how to cut curly hair. I serendipitously learned of Deva Curl, and through their locater, I found Chad. I walked in one day, had a conversation and an appointment the next week. I was not disappointed! The energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and soon I lost 10 pounds of hair! Well, maybe not that much, but oh man, does my head feel lighter! The cut is right, the hair feels great, and I am receiving compliments unlike any cut I’ve had before. Chad has won my heart and my hair!!! I will make the schlep just to have my tresses cut and styled by Chad! THANK YOU! – . J.P.

I just moved to Atlanta and quiet frankly I’d rather have my teeth pulled than find a new stylist. The minute I walked into the salon, Chad was interested, engaging and made me feel like he was going to take care of everything. And boy did he! I normally go home and wash my hair after a trip to the stylist…no one really understands curly hair, except for Chad,, but I didn’t have to this time! I didn’t have to the next day either. Chad not only gave me the devacurl cut of my life, he showed me all kinds of helpful tips and tricks… I thought I had heard it all! I’ll not only be back…I’ll look forward to it!-. Middle S.

I have had some serious butchering of my hair in the past couple of decades. Being a wavy curly-headed gal, I had heard I needed to try a deva cut, and I was thrilled to learn of Chad. Chad is very sweet and really knows hair. He also seems to genuinely enjoy his job, which shows through in his work. It is the best haircut I have gotten in years, and I am so happy to have found him!! – Stephanie S.

I have 4a tightly curly/coily hair that had significant amount of breakage. Chad took his time and came up with a great plan and cut for my hair needs. It is always a great experience with Chad. –

Oh my goodness! I love my f—g hair! ​Lori D.